How Should You Respond to Google Reviews?

Creating good visibility on Google is essential for your business growth. If you want new clients to find you, both SEO and reviews are important. Here are a few things that can help you when you’re getting ready to respond to Google reviews. 

Why Do Google Reviews Matter?

Google reviews add credibility to your business without any marketing tasks on your part. Good reviews also help improve your online rankings. Even the smallest business can benefit from online reviews. When clients write about their experiences, the review can target certain keywords so others can easily find you. 

Visit Your Google Account

It’s important to know where you can find your reviews so you can respond to them. Login to your Google Business account and head to the menu option. It looks like three horizontal buttons. Choose your account listing and then click the “reviews” option. Then, go to the “manage reviews” tab and you should see all of your reviews. 

Take Note Of Each Review

Each business review is important whether it’s positive or negative. Begin reading through your reviews with attention and calmness. Also, take note of the ones that appear fake. Sometimes you’ll come across a spam review or negative client feedback. Toss the fake ones to the side and don’t worry about responding to those. Once you take note of both positive and negative feedback, it’s time to craft your responses. 

Responding to Positive Reviews

Everyone loves responding to positive Google reviews for their business. It makes you smile to know that you helped someone. Taking time to respond to your happy clients lets them know you care about their opinions and thoughts. Do your best to make your comments unique to each customer. 

Respond to their comments as soon as possible and thank them. You can also invite them to share their experiences with others. Make them feel like they’re a part of the community you are growing with your business. 

Negative Review Responses

Responding to negative reviews can feel awkward and discouraging. While it’s tempting to ignore the comments and move on, it’s not the best idea for your business. Negative reviews can often help improve your techniques and better serve your clients. Although you may receive negative feedback, consider it as another way to learn and grow. 

Begin your response by acknowledging the issue and apologizing for the client’s experience. Depending on the issue, you can even thank the reviewer for making you aware of the situation. Remember, your goal is to serve the clients and you want them to have the best experience of your business. 

Write It Down

When you’re responding to negative reviews, it can seem hard to create a response. If this happens, take your time, write it out on paper. Once you’ve written it down, read it out loud. Reading your responses out loud gives you an opportunity to hear how the reader may interpret your words. 

Encourage Customer Reviews

Google reviews greatly increase SEO for your business. Creating an inviting atmosphere helps make your clients feel comfortable and they will want to share their experiences. Customer reviews will increase the SEO when others search keywords for your business. 

Encouraging your customers to leave reviews helps them feel valued. Chances are, they’ll leave details about their experience with your business. 

Increase Your Listing

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