Ways to Get More Google Reviews

Nowadays, businesses live and die based on their online reviews. We all like to think we don’t trust a book by its cover, but usually, if we come across a place with mostly negative reviews or no reviews at all, we will more than likely avoid it. This is why Google reviews play a pivotal piece in the battle to improve your meditation center’s search engine rankings. Today, our team here at Meditationly will go over how you can get more Google reviews. 

Ask Customers to Leave a Review

This seems easy enough, but you would be surprised at how many businesses overlook the importance of Google reviews. One of the best ways to generate more reviews is by simply asking your customers. Whether in person, over the phone, through an email, or a message on a receipt, ask your customers to head over to Google and leave a review. 

You can even incentivize customers to do so. Offer a discount or a free session if they leave a positive review. On top of that, emphasize how little time it takes to leave a review. Through Google, it’s possible to leave a star rating without writing a single word. While a written review was better, even star ratings can help provide a boost to your website’s SEO. 

Create a Shortcut Link

Leaving a Google review is an easy and quick process, but the multiple steps required can be a turn-off for even those willing to leave a review. This is where shortcuts can help tremendously. Google makes it easy to create a Google review shortcut that you can place almost anywhere you see fit. 

Place it on your website, in emails, at the bottom of web pages, or in blog articles. Whatever the case, having a link that takes customers directly to the Google review page makes it much likelier for them to leave a review. The easier it is for your customers to leave a review, the more likely they will leave one. 

Respond To Reviews

Google is often kind to websites that are active and engage with their customers. One of the best ways to do this is by actively responding to the reviews left on your website. Doing so will show both Google and your community that you are actively engaging with past customers. 

While it may be tempting to only respond to positive reviews, respond to negative reviews as well. Again, this will help show Google you are active, but it will also show customers that you are willing to respond to criticism in a courteous manner. This helps make your business more reputable in the eyes of potential clients. 

Provide Good Customer Service

The ways we conduct business and marketing over the years have changed dramatically. One of the few things that have remained constant is the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, if you want a customer to leave a positive review, you first need to provide them with a positive experience.

If you give your customers something to be happy about, the chances of them leaving a positive review increase dramatically. This extends beyond just your GMB listing as well. The more they tell their friends about your services, the likelier they are to check out your website or search for it online. 

Do You Need SEO Assistance?

Taking care of your website can be a tedious task, especially with your already jam-packed schedule. That’s why our team here at Meditationly is here to help. We offer a wide range of SEO services to help you maximize your meditation center website. Contact us today to find out what it is we can do for you.