Top Tips For GMB SEO in 2021

Optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing can help your business stay afloat during these trying times with the pandemic that has taken over. We want to help you maximize your GMB SEO and give you a few tips that could help you plan ahead, stay afloat and come out on top when this pandemic ends. One of the biggest tips is to make sure you can be found online; this helps make your digital marketing more effective and helps your business grow. 

Tips for GMB SEO

Many business owners assume that you are done once you have added your information and photos to your Google My Business listing. This is not true. Google has an algorithm that they use. This helps determine what businesses stay on top of search results, and they always favor businesses that are constantly updating their Google My Business listing.

Sign Up and Claim Your Listing

This sounds like a no-brainer, but the first step to maximizing your GMB SEO is to sign up for and claim your GMB listing. You may also think you have a Google Map listing. Still, until you have entirely verified, you will not be able to edit the business information that appears on Google Maps, and you will not be able to optimize your listing. Ensure all information listed on your GMB listing is correct and update your listing as needed if you change locations, phone numbers, hours, etc. Keeping your account current and up to date helps your SEO. 

Add Correct Business Hours and Special Hours

You want your customers to know when you are open for business and avoid negative feedback, such as a customer traveling to your company and finding out it is closed. Updating your GMB listing with the correct store hours, including weekend and holiday hours, can help your SEO. 

Choosing the Right Category

If you are not seeing your business showing up on Google Maps, this could be a simple fix. Make sure you have added the relevant categories to your business. You can pick up to 10, with 1 being the primary category. A quick edit of your categories could help you appear in the local 3 and gain customers.

Keep Content Fresh

Keeping your content fresh helps give new customers an excellent first impression and sends a clear and positive message. It is also a great idea to add some pictures so that customers are able to recognize your business. Google has reported that businesses with images receive 42% more requests for driving directions and 35% more click through to their websites. 

This can help you gain customers, which turns into more profit for your business. Adding pictures gives you a competitive advantage, and once you have added your base photos, you can add new images every week or bi-weekly to keep your content fresh. 

Add Services and Products

There is a GMB feature that allows you to list the products and services that you offer. While GMB only allows 750 characters in your general business description, this added feature will enable you to add multiple services per category. It also allows you to input 300 characters per service. You can also upload a picture, price, title, and description. Adding your main products can help you put more links in the Google ecosystem, improve your GMB SEO, and allow potential customers to find your products.

Make sure the products and services you have listed on your GMB listing are also listed on your website for those potential customers visiting.

For Help With Your Website

If you are looking for more ways to boost your SEO, the team at Meditationly is here to help. We offer our clients a wide range of SEO services, including Google My Business and online directory listings. Contact us today to see how we can help you.