Ways Google My Business Can Benefit Your Business

As a meditation center, your online visibility is essential to bringing in new people. Setting up your Google My Business (GMB) listing is a great way to target your local area.

GMB Shows Up Before Websites

When you look at the search results page, you’ll notice that local businesses show up before any websites or other types of search results. The position of your GMB listing is also important. If you are one of the top three listings that show up for the search, you’ll be seen without having to scroll through the rest of the results. This means you will get more exposure to your center even if they don’t make it to your website. 

Google My Business Ranks For Its Terms

One of the great things about the Google My Business listings is that they can rank for keywords. You could show up in search results for any of the types of classes that you offer. Make sure to list out all of the classes and services your meditation center provides. 

GMB also tends to rank faster for terms than your website does. There is a smaller pool of GMB listings that Google has to review versus the number of live websites on the internet. So, investing in this listing can bring you faster results. 

People See Your Reviews 

Social proof is so necessary for potential visitors. They want to know how your meditation classes are or how your center looks from other people’s perspectives. It’s vital to ask your existing visitors to leave reviews when they complete treatment or compliment you as they’re leaving. 

Not only will people see your reviews, but they also have keyword search value. Google will highlight the keywords a potential patient put into the search bar in another user’s review. When asking your patients to leave reviews for you, tell them it would be great if they shared their experience with others and be as descriptive as they like to be. This will increase the chances that their reviews get picked up in searches. 

Boost Your GMB Listing

Having a GMB listing that people can find is essential to gaining exposure to your meditation center. But, how do you boost that listing? There are things that can be done to boost your listing on search results pages. Here at Meditationly, we work with meditation centers to boost their listing through our meditation boost program. Contact us today if you have any questions about our services.