What Are Citations And How Do They Help My GMB Listing?

One of the reasons that SEO can be confusing to our clients is that there is often a lot of jargon used. For example, citations are a common thing we talk about in SEO. Building citations is one of the ways we can create backlinks to your website. But, what is a citation, and how does it help you?

What is a Citation For SEO?

An essential aspect of local SEO is to have your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) listed on websites all across the internet. A citation is when we list your NAP on a website. The more citations you have, the more it strengthens your Google My Business listing. 

Also, the page we build a citation on usually contains a link back to your website, which acts as a backlink to your site. This means that your website also gets a boost from these efforts.

Why Are Citations Important For Your SEO?

Citations are such an essential part of your local SEO because Google tries to find legitimate businesses to bring up in search results. When the algorithm scans the internet and identifies that your NAP is listed on many sites, it can be a key ranking factor in your listing showing up. 

You must look for new places to submit your information each month. This is because the algorithm usually picks up on the fact that your information appears in more places around the web each month. That sends signals to them that you are in business and active. 

How Do You Generate New Citations? 

Our company offers citation building for our clients as part of our Google My Business SEO plan. We do this by posting your NAP and a link back to your website on different websites around the web. Sometimes we can include short descriptions of your business, hours, and other details when the site allows us to. 

The websites we submit your information to can either be niche-based or broader. Our goal is to find new places to place your center’s details each month. As you build more citations for your location, your Google My Business listing will increase the number of people that find your listing. 

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