About Meditationly

My name is Ryan Cote and welcome to my website, Meditationly!

In 2016, I started trying to enhance my life by following the Miracle Morning routine. As part of the routine, I do meditation — both deep breathing in a power pose and traditional meditation.

Well, I fell in love with it!

Life is hectic. Bills, obligations, responsibilities, family, work, stress, ahhhh. Not to mention our growing addiction to technology. Meditation helps bring you calm and clear your mind. It makes you stronger, mentally.

My goal with Meditationly is to share the gift of meditation with everyone including resources for meditation help in your local area. My other goal is to bring to you helpful meditation tips, advice and information in our blog.

I hope you benefit from what I’m trying to do here and I would love to hear from you. And if you want to help us spread the word faster, please share our website with your friends and family.