Why Is GMB Important For My Meditation Center?

GMB for meditation center

Google My Business or GMB is essential for your meditation center. Many business owners think if they have a traditional brick-and-mortar business and only offer their products and services in person, they don’t really need to reach out on the web. However, in order to expand your business, attract more clients and build a more substantial client base, you must have an online presence, and GMB is a great way to start. read more

How Directory Listings Help Your Meditation Center

directory listings help

Your meditation center provides a service that can help change people’s lives forever. Therefore, don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your potential customers to be as visible as possible? One of the best ways to generate more attention on Google is through something known as directory listings. Today, our team here at Meditationly will go over some of the reasons why directory listings will help your meditation centers attract new clients.  read more

Ways to Get More Google Reviews

more google reviews

Nowadays, businesses live and die based on their online reviews. We all like to think we don’t trust a book by its cover, but usually, if we come across a place with mostly negative reviews or no reviews at all, we will more than likely avoid it. This is why Google reviews play a pivotal piece in the battle to improve your meditation center’s search engine rankings. Today, our team here at Meditationly will go over how you can get more Google reviews.  read more

3 Reasons Meditation Is Good For Your Mental Health

meditation for mental health

The benefits of meditation have always been a hot topic, but lately, more people seem to be attracted to the thought of what it can do for you mentally. The pandemic and COVID  have brought millions of people worldwide more hardships, stress, worry, anxiety, and heartache. Some of them are turning to mediation to help deal. So why is meditation so good? What are the benefits, and how can it help with your mental health? We are going to discuss three reasons why we think meditation is great for you. read more

How Do You Get Started With Meditation?

Meditation For Beginners

Meditation has a long history of helping people increase their calmness and physical relaxation. It can improve psychological balance, help cope with illness and stress, enhance your overall health and well-being. There are many types of meditation, but all include the same four basic elements, a quiet location, a specific and comfortable position, a focus of attention, and an open attitude. So how can you get started on medication, and how can it affect you? read more

3 Reasons Why You Need Meditation In Your Life


Are you stressed out so much that you feel your stress is even stressed? Are you stressing everyone around you out? Meditation is a fast and easy way to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and bring some inner peace. The good thing is meditation can be practiced by anyone and does not require any special equipment, and practiced wherever you are. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of meditation and ways to improve it.  read more

Can Meditation Help Improve Your Sleep

meditation and sleep

Are you struggling to sleep at night? There are many home remedies and solutions that you can find online to try. But, which one do you try first? With all of the options that you find, it is hard to pick a starting point. Meditation is a form of help that many people use to help induce sleep. Does it work, though? read more

4 Ways Meditation Can Help Calm Your Mind To Start The Day


With busy daily schedules and the stress of everyday life, it’s often hard to take time to actively rest and calm your mind. When you meditate regularly, you receive many benefits that not only affect your mental health but can affect your overall health as well. Meditation helps get your body into a parasympathetic state, where the body can repair itself. What are some ways morning meditation can help calm your mind? read more

How Can Meditation Help Teens With Anxiety?

teen meditation

When you have a teen that suffers from anxiety, it’s hard to know what the best course of action is. Teens today deal with more stress than the previous generation, and they often don’t know how to properly cope with it. Meditation can be a huge benefit for teens with anxiety, as it helps change the brain to wire new proper neural pathways.  read more