How Meditation Can Help You Be a Better Partner in Your Relationship

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We have all heard that there is no such thing as soulmates and that relationships work because you choose to make them work. But with busy schedules, stress at work, and the general toxic environment of the cities we live in, how can meditation help you become a better partner?

In meditation, you go to a quiet place wherein you concentrate and start thinking that what you want can be done. It allows you to experience a serenity that you will never experience in the outside world. During meditation, you shut your brain off from nuances, and you train your brain to focus on the essential and rational things in your life. read more

Short Meditation Exercises Boost Productivity & Reduce Stress

short meditation exercises

Research continues to back the practice of meditation with evidence that it works to reduce stress and increase productivity. And, while we tend to think of the Dalai Lama or monks residing in quiet surroundings, as those experiencing meditation’s benefits, our busy bodies benefit as well.

The truth is that you do not need to spend a large portion of your day or life in meditation to experience its calming effects. Researchers find that just a few minutes per day garner benefits. And, within a week or so of beginning, you experience the results. Read on to get a glimpse into the research and science supporting these claims. read more

Do 2018 Right: 10 Reasons to Start Meditation Practice

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Resolutions for the New Year come and go. But, learning the art of slowing down through meditation promises to revolutionize more than just this year. Consider these 10 reasons to start meditation practice in 2018.

1. Distraction Abounds in This Culture

Full calendars. Ever-accessible mobile phones. Twenty-four hour internet. We live in a culture of distraction, leading to forgetfulness, unfinished projects and dropped balls. Mindfulness counteracts the fast-paced culture in which we live. read more

Explore a Chemical-Free Way to Achieve Body-Mind Balance

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When your mind or body are out of whack, life proves out of sorts. Balancing the two brings improved health and greater life satisfaction, right? But that is easier said than done.

Truth is, there is a medication, a drug for nearly every ailment, physical or mental, that you experience. Unfortunately, the list of side effects and potential harm that these chemicals cause seem to override the benefits. Meditation offers a powerful alternative for body-mind balance. This chemical-free option to balancing mind and body gets results. And, science offers the facts and figures to back it up. Let’s take a look. read more

Quick Mastery & Powerful Results of Transcendental Meditation

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Widely practiced and highly researched, the mental technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM) sets itself apart from other meditation and stress reduction techniques. The mind-body connection of TM lays a foundation which makes it beneficial to both mind and body, more so than other practices.

Furthermore, the ease of entering the restful experience of this meditative state contributes to its uniqueness. Even more powerfully, immediate benefits contribute. Other techniques, including exercise, music, meditative practices and more, require time, even years, to master and achieve results. Let’s look at this in more detail. read more

Do Not Fall Prey to the Myths of Mindfulness Meditation

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The problem with believing myths is this: you shut down life-changing opportunities or miss out on the full benefits of them. Take the example of mindfulness meditation. If you buy into the myth that this practice is passive, your active personality may assume it is not a good fit.

So, how do you best determine if an activity such as mindfulness meditation is for you? Do your research. Check it out. Get the facts. Gather information. Maybe even participate. Then, and only then, can you make an intelligent, informed decision. read more

Overcoming and Managing Intense Emotions with Meditation

managing intense emotions

It’s a proven fact that these days, pretty much everyone’s lives are more complicated — and thus more stressful — than they were for previous generations. With conflicting demands of work, fun and family tugging us in different directions, we also have to keep up with an exhausting barrage of news and media, all while trying to eat healthily and exercise. It can seem impossible at times — which is why we often have difficult emotions crop up, like anger, resentment, and grief. read more

Misconceptions Around Mindfulness Meditation Exercises Could Hurt You

mindfulness meditation exercises

The ancient word buzzing about the health and wellness scene with renewed vigor is meditation. Unfortunately, so is a wealth of information and public opinion which creates an air of confusion. While the popularity of meditation increases among the average Joes and Hollywood celebrities, many people still avoid this discipline. Even with traditional physicians prescribing its worth to treat all types of ailments, the response is still mixed. read more