6 Types of Meditation- Find the Right One For You


Meditation offers many benefits for those who form this practice. General meditation focuses on the art of breathing to relieve stress and promote overall health. If you’re considering a meditation practice, here are 6 types to get you started.

1. Train Your Mind

Mindful meditation is a form of Buddhist practice. It involves an intentional focus on your breathing as you concentrate on your thoughts and emotions. This form takes minimal effort as it slowly trains your mind to block out distractions. read more

What is the Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation?


Everyone seems to be caught up in the wellness trend and concepts like mindfulness and meditation seem to be huge topics for discussion. However, just because you can Google 5,000 different articles on ”How to Be Mindful” or ”Meditation for Beginners” it doesn’t mean you really understand either practice. Well, allow us to clear it up for you. Are you ready? It’s going to blow your mind. read more

Practical Tips For Meditation For Beginners

Basic meditation is a great way to create a sense of peace and calm in your everyday life. This practice yields many mental and physical health benefits. If you’re thinking about forming meditation habits in your daily life, here are some practical tips to get you started.

Start Your Day In Quiet

The morning time is the best time to meditate. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. Begin your day with a period of quiet time and reflection. This makes it easier to form the habit if you do it at the same time each day. read more

Science Says You Can Physically Change Your Brain Through Meditation

Meditation is a powerful form of exercise that uses focusing and breathing techniques. It’s been known to cure diseases, addictions, stress, and health issues. Scientific studies show that meditation can actually change your brain.

Scientific Studies

There are several studies that show meditation altering brain functions for the good. In 2011, a team at Harvard did an eight-week study to find out how this practice would affect the brain. They found the areas that control fear and stress were much smaller after eight weeks. read more

The Best Music For Meditation


Just like there are different types of meditation, there are also different types of music to help you focus. Music has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and improve concentration. When you have found the right one for you it will make a difference in your meditation.

Instrumental Music to Aid Meditation

Instrumental music offers a lot of variety to fit your tastes. Do you like piano music? Maybe you prefer classical guitar. Harp, flute, or sitar music are also popular choices for meditation. read more

Mindfulness and Meditation – Differences and Coming Together

mindfulness and meditation

Often the two words mindfulness and meditation are used together. And despite that fact, there are differences between mindfulness and meditation. However, when you bring them together, they complement each other perfectly. Mindfulness meditation is known to improve overall health and reduce stress. Learn more about mindfulness and meditation, both singularly and together. read more

Discover Five Smart Reasons to Start Your Day With Meditation

day with meditation

Stress from work or other physical activities can damage the nervous system. The blood vessels will constrict and this results in a reduced blood flow to the tissues that need it. This reduced blood flow denies our muscles the oxygen that they need to fuel their functions and this results in muscle spasms. As a result, we do not start our day the right way. Consider five reasons to start the day with meditation and improve your overall quality of life. read more

Simple Ways to Fit Meditation Into Your Workday to Reduce Stress

fit meditation

Meditation does not have to be scheduled, especially so if you are stressed at work. If you are in an emotionally chaotic state, you are not in full control of yourself and your spiritual well-being. The problem is that most people think that they can only meditate at a specific time in the day. Or that it has to be done in a designated place, like in a yoga studio. The truth is, meditation is a very personal exercise that can be done at any time and in any place. Read on and find out how you can fit meditation into your busy life. read more

Using Mindfulness to Reduce Addiction and Substance Abuse Cravings

addiction and substance abuse

Many people do not seem to understand that addiction is not a conscious choice. It is a psychological issue for those who have developed dependencies on drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances. Substance craving is at the root of addiction problem, especially so for those who are trying to overcome it but are overpowered by its pull. Substance craving torments the addict and even those who seemingly have succeeded in rehabilitation themselves. As a result, there is a susceptibility to falling into a relapse. read more