Ways Google My Business Can Benefit Your Business

GMB Benefits

As a meditation center, your online visibility is essential to bringing in new people. Setting up your Google My Business (GMB) listing is a great way to target your local area.

GMB Shows Up Before Websites

When you look at the search results page, you’ll notice that local businesses show up before any websites or other types of search results. The position of your GMB listing is also important. If you are one of the top three listings that show up for the search, you’ll be seen without having to scroll through the rest of the results. This means you will get more exposure to your center even if they don’t make it to your website.  read more

Ways to Get More Google Reviews

more google reviews

Nowadays, businesses live and die based on their online reviews. We all like to think we don’t trust a book by its cover, but usually, if we come across a place with mostly negative reviews or no reviews at all, we will more than likely avoid it. This is why Google reviews play a pivotal piece in the battle to improve your meditation center’s search engine rankings. Today, our team here at Meditationly will go over how you can get more Google reviews.  read more

3 Tips On Helping You Bring in More Clients by Blogging

Bring in More Clients by Blogging

Not only can blogging be fun, but it can also help improve the search engine optimization of your website. Regularly posting content on your website’s blog will help boost your website’s ranking on search engines. In today’s article, we will be going over the importance of blogging and how blogging can help boost the amount of traffic your website gets. Here are three tips to help you with blogging: read more