4 Meditation Techniques For A Healthy Lifestyle

Some people believe meditation is just a belief or a religious practice. While this is partly true, research shows that meditation improves your health. For centuries, Meditation has proved to bring many benefits to the brain and overall body health.  

We all deal with stress in some form or another. It’s also true that not everyone handles stress in the same way. If you’re looking to reduce stress, boost your energy levels, and improve your health this new year, here are a few tips to make that happen.

How Does Meditation Improve Health?

Research shows that people who practice meditation have better sleep, less stress, and fewer health issues. This is because the techniques in meditation require you to slow down and become aware of your mind and body. More meditation practice means you’re aware of what is healthy and what is not.

Practice Sitting Still Every Day

Sitting still is such a small thing and yet it offers so many benefits. The act of simply sitting in the quiet forces your entire body and mind to slow down. If you’re not used to being still and quiet, this technique will take some getting used to. Instead of getting discouraged when you first begin, allow yourself some time to train your body.

Start by choosing the same spot every day if you can. This is great for forming your routine. Find a comfortable spot and even choose comfortable clothing. Set a short alarm and work your way up to longer periods of time. The timer lets you focus on your practice instead of how much time has gone by.

Use Meditation Breathing Techniques

Breathing is such a natural part of living that we often forget how important it really is. Stress and chaos can alter our breathing without us even realizing it. Did you know that you can actually control your breathing? Controlling your breathing is perhaps the most important meditation technique.

It’s easy to let your mind wander during your meditation practice. If you have a hard time with other techniques, just start with breathing. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in and out with complete control. You can even pause between breaths to help you notice how you’re breathing. This is a great technique to use when you’re very stressed.

Focus Your Thoughts

Do you often deal with insomnia or fatigue? Your brain stores hundreds of thoughts each day and runs out of places to put them. The moment you’re still and quiet is when those thoughts find their way to the surface of your mind. A meditation practice helps you focus your thoughts so they don’t keep you awake at night.

Whether you practice meditation the first moment of the day or before bed, concentrate on just being present. As you work through your breathing techniques, place your thoughts in certain “boxes” as they come up. Don’t spend time dwelling on those thoughts during your practice. This is a time for stillness and slowing down.

Form Meditation Practice Throughout the Day

Stress can hinder a healthy lifestyle especially if you don’t find ways to reduce it. That’s why it’s helpful to practice meditation throughout your day. Choose a time each day for your main practice. Then, use those same techniques several times during your day. You can take two-minute breaks during your day to just step away and practice breathing or being still.

Whether you’re at work, in traffic, or exercising, you can use these tips to benefit your overall health. These techniques train your brain and body to slow down and relax when you’re upset instead of creating tension.