How Meditation Can Be Used for Chronic Pain Relief

chronic pain relief

Painkillers. Pain patches. Anti-inflammatory drugs. Steroids. Acupuncture. Physical therapy. Heat. Cold. Surgery. Sound familiar? If you’ve tried all of these things for you chronic pain without success, and you haven’t considered mindful meditation for chronic pain relief, you should. This form of meditation is based on the principle that you control your pain. read more

Scientific Advantages of Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

mindfulness meditation techniques

When you meditate, you just feel better, don’t you? All the noise has left your head, your breathing is steady and calm, and you feel at peace. There is a visceral feeling that everything is okay.

People have long practiced meditation to reduce feelings of depression or anxiety. People turn to it for the mental and emotional effects, but meditation can also produce sound physiological effects, and it turns out that there is science to back up that claim. read more