Is There A Connection Between Meditation and Weightloss?

2021 has been a trying year for us all. Many of us spent months in lockdown on the couch glued to Netflix shows. Now it’s almost summer, things are beginning to open back up and we have noticed an extra 15-20 lbs attached to us. Weight gain is very common during the winter months especially when we are stuck in the home. Add all the stresses of a global pandemic and we may be looking at the most unhealthy society seen in centuries. 

How Stress Changes Our Bodies?

Stress is a normal reaction to conditions within the body as well as outside. When we exercise we release cortisol, the stress hormone. When we are anxious for a test or first date we also produce cortisol. These hormones also help us stay focused and purposeful. They work together to keep balance within our body. 

When we are in high stress situations too often our body begins to feel overtaxed and things begin to go haywire. We have all heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing.” Stress is an example of that. Extreme stress even has the ability to change our DNA. Many of us have personally experienced stress increasing weight gain. Our flight or fight response when activated, slows down many processes in our bodies. Reproduction, digestion, and many other body processes stop or slow down during moments of high stress. Some of us also cultivate coping responses. For some that is eating which combined with a slower moving digestion causes weight gain. 

What Can Help 

Learning how to cope with daily stressors is the first place to start. Educating oneself or reaching out for help from a counselor can change your life. Mental health counselors provide some of the most practical life building skills. Therapists use education techniques to help us retrain our negative thoughts and behaviors. Many times, we get stuck in destructive habits and mindsets. 

Another way to deal with internal tension is physical exercise. Finding an exercise routine that best fits your life and interests increases the likelihood you will stick with it. Meditation is one of the most helpful tools to help manage stress and overall well-being.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is an exercise for the mind. It is a practice in stillness and reflection. It allows a person to be alone with their thoughts and ideas. This can seem a bit daunting but after making it a habit one learns to allow the thoughts to come and go without judgement. Meditation includes many benefits such as stress relief and self-acceptance. Often,  when we decide to love and accept ourselves we can clearly appreciate every moment. It helps you become more mindful about everything in your life. Decisions you make, relationships, the way you live your life. You are more mindful about your choices. 

Can Meditation Affects Weight Loss

There is not much evidence that suggests meditation directly affects weight loss. However, cultivating this healthy habit can affect one’s overall health. Internal tension usually causes most people to gain weight. Meditation helps to reduce cortisol levels in the body. It is just one tool in the tool belt. Eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise will be the most beneficial things to consider when trying to lose weight. 

Why To Meditate In Current Times? 

Meditation is a very important part of your exercise routine. For many, it has created life-altering benefits. Times are growing more stressful and this is a tangible tool to combat the damages it takes on your body. Internal tension often causes weight gain which can lead to other serious health problems. Today over 60% of the population is either overweight or obese. Utilizing a helpful resource like the website MeditationOnly will help you get started. They can answer any questions you have about meditation. Visit them today!