How Meditation Can Help You Be a Better Partner in Your Relationship

We have all heard that there is no such thing as soulmates and that relationships work because you choose to make them work. But with busy schedules, stress at work, and the general toxic environment of the cities we live in, how can meditation help you become a better partner?

In meditation, you go to a quiet place wherein you concentrate and start thinking that what you want can be done. It allows you to experience a serenity that you will never experience in the outside world. During meditation, you shut your brain off from nuances, and you train your brain to focus on the essential and rational things in your life.

Your thoughts become focused, not random, and your thoughts become solutions to problems, not the cause of the problems. Meditation practices the mind to bend or change direction at will. It helps your brain learn how to make conscious decisions that will bring positive results to your life.

Meditation and Compassion

Compassion is an emotional and spiritual thing. In the modern world where everybody is busy tinkering with technology, compassion seems to have lost its meaning. Gone are the days when people make decisions in consideration of the good of the many. With everybody so focused on finishing life’s rat race, it is now common to neglect other people who are in need. People have become selfish and have developed a bloated sense of self-worth.

Meditation is a powerful activity that will help increase your compassion. There is a specific technique called compassion meditation, and this activity is scientifically proven to affect the regions of the brain that control the person’s ability to feel empathy towards others. Compassion meditation is focused on a single person, animal, or all beings on earth that need kindness.

Meditation and Judgment

Wisdom is acquired through age, and this is why it is always associated with old men with long beards, thinkers of the past generation who have amassed great amounts of applied knowledge about life through their rich experiences and high moral judgment. To have wisdom is to have the ability to understand, connect, realize, and make wise decisions that will yield the best results for everybody’s benefit.

This should not be confused with knowledge because knowledge is easily acquired. Wisdom, in general, is the ability to apply knowledge. As mentioned earlier, wisdom is enhanced through age. But is it possible to develop wisdom without having to reach the age of, say, 70? The answer is simple: meditation.

When you meditate, the brain goes into a deep state of consciousness called theta. This is a state in which your brain is relaxed and in a stage that is susceptible to suggestion and training. This means you can train your mind to focus on specific things. This activity is scientifically proven to calm the brain and improve the person’s physical quality of life. Studies show that meditation balances the parts of the brain and results in a heightened sense of self-awareness. This makes the person experience overall peace, improving compassion and eradicating the mind of useless garbage that he accumulates every day.

With a sound mind follows sound judgment. And this is the beginning of wisdom.

Meditation and Thought Control

Thought control is essential to live a meaningful and productive life. Surprisingly, even normal adults or children have difficulties focusing on one thing at a time. This is because of the brain’s complexity. While concentrating on something, the brain also processes a lot of things as the information gets fed by the sensory organs like the eyes and ears.

For example, you might be doing your job on the computer, but you begin hearing vehicle sounds. The brain registers these sounds and connects these sounds to memory, and before you know it, you are already thinking about a past experience connected to a vehicle.

Without the ability to control thoughts, people will make bad decisions. Thoughts randomly happen inside our heads, and these thoughts are associated with our current state of emotion. This is why a simple thing that triggered jealousy can lead to anger even if the cause of jealousy is completely irrational. There are guys who will feel jealous if they see their girlfriend talking to another guy. Soon, they start a fight. A girl talking with a guy is just a normal occurrence. However, a jealous guy looks at this in a different perspective, and this is due to lack of thought control.

Meditation allows you to control these kinds of thoughts, especially negative thoughts. Meditation teaches you how to change your thought patterns. Think of thought patterns as vehicles on the road. If these vehicles go the wrong way, they are likely to fall off a ditch. You need to be in control of these thoughts to get to your desired goal or destination.

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