How to Relieve Anxiety Naturally With Mindfulness Meditation

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Anxiety is often a result of fear. Fear leads to worry, and over time anxiety and stress can negatively impact the brain’s function. Anxiety hinders brain health and your ability to work effectively. It is a stop sign at every intersection that you face in life and it may seem like you will never get the green light. It is natural to harbor some worry, but too much is harmful. Mindfulness meditation can help you to go and move forward, as well as relieve anxiety and stress. read more

Mindful Meditation and Your Memory – How It Works

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Do you tend to forget things easily? Are you constantly searching for where you left your keys, wallet or phone? Do you walk into a room and you can’t remember why? Are you easily distracted by your environment? Do you forget what you want to tell someone right before you’re going to tell them? Memory problems are common among a wide range of age groups, and they tend to get worse as you grow older. Fortunately, there is something you can do to improve your memory that doesn’t involve medication or lifestyle changes. Scientific studies proved that meditation improves both long- and short-term memory. Find out more about mindful meditation and your memory. read more

Discover the Amazing History of Meditation and What It Means Today

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Meditation is an art form that goes back thousands of years. That’s part of the reason why contemporary practitioners talk about the many benefits of meditation because there is so much history behind meditation and how people perfect becoming mindful.

Due to this rich history, meditation masters developed many techniques that help you achieve a state of relaxation and inner peace. To that end, let’s examine the amazing history of meditation that leads us to what’s happening in meditation today. read more

Mindfulness Meditation Benefits Can Help You Beat Insomnia

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You turn over your pillow one more time so you get the cooler side up. A few minutes later, you flip over to face the opposite direction. Your bed partner snores, and that makes you even more frustrated that you can’t sleep. You decide to pick up a book to read, but that still doesn’t help you sleep. You glance at the clock and it’s 3 a.m. and you have to get up in four hours to get the kids ready for school before you head out the door for work. Meanwhile, inside your head, your stress builds and it makes you worried and anxious. This doesn’t help as you try to sleep. Does this situation sound at all familiar? If it does, you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from some kind of insomnia. Luckily, meditation benefits make it possible to sleep better and beat insomnia without drugs, medications or huge lifestyle changes. read more

Learn About the Importance of Your Mind and Meditation

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What is Meditation? Meditation is a very beneficial health and lifestyle practice. Emerging research points to the healthfulness of meditation and research indicate that mindful meditation can actually rewire the brain to respond differently to stress. There are many things to know about meditation and health. So how does meditation lead to improved mindfulness? Find out more about your mind and meditation. read more

4 Meditation Techniques For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Some people believe meditation is just a belief or a religious practice. While this is partly true, research shows that meditation improves your health. For centuries, Meditation has proved to bring many benefits to the brain and overall body health.  

We all deal with stress in some form or another. It’s also true that not everyone handles stress in the same way. If you’re looking to reduce stress, boost your energy levels, and improve your health this new year, here are a few tips to make that happen. read more

5 Ways to Use Meditation In Your Yoga Practice

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Yoga is an art form that brings many benefits to your life. For centuries, yoga has enriched mind and body health through different techniques. One of those techniques is meditation. Using meditation in yoga will enhance your practice and increase the benefits to your body and spirit.

Why Use Meditation Techniques In Yoga?

Meditation is really an exercise in training your mind. Think of meditation like a fitness program for your body and your mind. Yoga also energizes the body and mind and when you add meditation you get extra benefits. read more