Discover Five Smart Reasons to Start Your Day With Meditation

Stress from work or other physical activities can damage the nervous system. The blood vessels will constrict and this results in a reduced blood flow to the tissues that need it. This reduced blood flow denies our muscles the oxygen that they need to fuel their functions and this results in muscle spasms. As a result, we do not start our day the right way. Consider five reasons to start the day with meditation and improve your overall quality of life.

Acquire Wisdom Through Meditation

Studies show that meditation balances the parts of the brain and results in a heightened sense of self-awareness. This makes the person experience overall peace, improving compassion and eradicating the mind of the useless stuff that he or she accumulates every day.

With a sound mind follows sound judgment. And this is the beginning of wisdom. When one does not feel inner peace, a person is not in a position to discern things in ways that the rational mind does. Normally, people are selfish and will only make decisions that will enrich them. With meditation, acts of selfishness, anger, and other emotions that bring negative vibes are taken away. With a clear mind and compassionate soul, you are in the best position to possess and exercise wisdom.

Discover Today’s Purpose Through Meditation

After meditation, one person can focus his attention on any single thing that he or she wants to develop. The mind becomes peaceful and this takes away all discomfort, worries, problems, and gives the person the ability to conclude or decide with sound judgment.

With meditation, any person can achieve the true purpose of life, which is to be happy and live life to the fullest. Without happiness, many things that happen every day are taken for granted and are therefore wasted. An unclean or chaotic mind will prevent you from living a happy and meaningful life even if you are financially secure.

Meditation Improves Empathy

Meditation improves your ability to feel compassionate because, during this activity, you have to free your mind of everything. And you have to strongly focus on thoughts of love, acceptance, kindness, and letting go of hatred and anger.

Research shows that during compassion meditation, there is an increased activity in the brain region called the insula. This is the region of the brain in which emotions are processed.

It Helps You Understand Your True Self

The true self is buried deep in the psyche. Meditation is the key component to opening mysteries in your mind because you withdraw yourself from the external world. As you meditate and clear your mind of useless babble, you reach a state in which you feel at peace.

Therefore, it allows you to discover your true self, making you feel more confident about your decisions because knowing yourself in a deeper manner allows you to take the right path. The clarity of thought also empowers you to concentrate and do more from day to day.

Meditation Reduces Anxiety Attacks

Meditation can reduce the activity in the nervous system. Specifically, the parasympathetic nervous system predominates the mental state of a person who is meditating. This is the system responsible for soothing and calming an individual. During meditation, there is an increased blood flow that results in a bountiful oxygen supply to the lungs and brain, causing the body to relax and be in control. This is why meditation can help reduce anxiety attacks. It calms the nerves and balances the body’s need for blood and oxygen.

If a person experiences anxiety attacks, there is also a significant lactate increase in his blood. Lactate is produced by the skeletal muscles. This substance is produced if there is an insufficient supply of oxygen in the body, which commonly happens when we are scared, panicking, or experiencing anxiety. During meditation, scientific studies have proven that there is a significant reduction in the lactate content found in the body. Thus, it is conclusive that meditation can really help reduce anxiety.

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