Simple Ways to Fit Meditation Into Your Workday to Reduce Stress

Meditation does not have to be scheduled, especially so if you are stressed at work. If you are in an emotionally chaotic state, you are not in full control of yourself and your spiritual well-being. The problem is that most people think that they can only meditate at a specific time in the day. Or that it has to be done in a designated place, like in a yoga studio. The truth is, meditation is a very personal exercise that can be done at any time and in any place. Read on and find out how you can fit meditation into your busy life.

Do It First Thing in the Morning

Your first actions of the day should be revolving around meditation. Perhaps it is best done before you even eat your breakfast. You know how busy you are going to be for the day and you have an idea how stressful the day can be.

Meditate in the morning when you wake up to ease this tension. You do not have to limit yourself to one meditation exercise. You can do a couple within 30 minutes and you will be all set for the day. Then you can move on to your daily routine as usual. If you are short on time, taking 10 minutes to meditate is better than skipping it.

Practice It While on the Commute

It is best to do practice meditation on the commute if you are not driving a car. Of course, your attention would need to be on the task at hand. But people who take public transportation have a golden opportunity to meditate on their way to work.

Close your eyes and try to concentrate. Focus on what lies ahead of you and build your confidence. You can do this on a train or a bus. If you are driving a car, take heavy traffic as an opportunity to take a few deep breaths. This will also help you deal with the agitation that everybody feels in congested traffic situations.

Meditate In the Office

During lunch, slip away to a quiet place and meditate for about 15 or 30 minutes. Perhaps you cannot do this every day, especially if you have lunch meetings. But it helps to try to do it a couple of days each week.

It is best to take a moment and meditate during periods when you are feeling a little overwhelmed. You can also do this during a short break. Even if you stretch and take a few deep breaths, it can provide essential relaxation and focus.

Do It In the Restroom

Most people admit they head to the restroom when they need a few minutes to themselves. Take this 5 minutes to meditate. Stand in front of the mirror and meditate. Or you can take a cubicle and stay there.

There will be very little disturbance since a restroom never a place where people stay too long to chatter or ask what you’re doing in the stall. Take this few minutes to decompress.

Meditate While Eating

Mindfulness meditation is a kind of meditation where you try to focus on your surroundings and the activities happening around you. This is the perfect kind if meditation when you are eating.

The way you do this is to focus on the things that you are putting into your body. It aids in creating healthier eating habits and gets you in tune with your physical body. This will put you in a relaxed state and can also help aid in digestion.

Meditate Before You Sleep

After a long workday, remember to meditate. This is the best way to end a busy workday. Think of all the things that happened for the day and focus on the things that you can do to improve yourself.

Then empty your mind and heart of the worries that the next day is going to bring. Instead, focus on the actions you can execute that can make changes in your life. Use visualization techniques to help you get closer to your goals.

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