Discovering a Mindful Meditation Routine that Succeeds for You

A fast-paced lifestyle with overflowing plates of commitment leave us struggling with stress, pain, distraction, fatigue and more. This onslaught of attackers takes its toll on our minds and bodies.

Fortunately, mindful meditation gives us a way to combat these foes. Through this practice, science tells us we discover a healthier, more fulfilling life. Maybe you are thinking, “Been there, Done that. It doesn’t work for me.” Would you be willing to take another look? Because the truth is that this practice is not one-size-fits-all.

Benefits = Motivation With a Meditation Routine

Getting in the habit of meditating offers plenty of benefits. And, these self-improvements work to motivate practitioners to continue. For instance, if you spend 25 minutes each day for three days, stress levels are reduced, according to a Carnegie Mellon University study.

While a near-half hour seems out of reach for beginners, the study simply illustrates the impact of consecutive days of meditation. So, if you begin with fewer minutes, look for longer term rather than immediate results. But, you will experience them.

In either case, the peace of a less-stressed life, freedom from chronic pain or other benefits offer significant motivation. These results motivate even on the days you are overscheduled or find yourself in the mood where you do not feel like practicing. Check out the list of meditation benefits below to identify one or two which might encourage you. All of them have been proven to result from daily meditation.


– Stress

– Anxiety

– Sleep disturbances

– Feelings of loneliness

– Depression

– Pain

– Weight


– Brain power

– Focus

– Heart health

– Immune system

– Moods

– Self-worth

– Body image

For more detailed information on these benefits, check out our previous blogs on 12 health boosts of mindfulness meditation and the scientific backing to start a routine. Observing the in-the-moment personal results of meditation or becoming aware of the cumulative benefits over time increase your drive to continue the practice. Daily meditation routines set you up to notice such rewards.

A Tailor-Made Routine

Identifying your motivation to meditate is a first step in developing a tailor-made routine which you are likely to stick with. After all, human needs differ. You may be in search of improved self-worth following a childhood of wrought with bullying. On the other hand, a friend might long for improved heart health after a heart attack scare.

The source of your motivation is personal. However, other principles come into play as well when looking to find a meditation plan that fits you.


Meditation in the morning ensures it gets done before the tyranny of the urgent begins. Plus, starting the day with a focused, mindful mindset reaps rewards throughout the waking hours. However, not all people are early risers nor do all schedules accommodate this plan.

Meditating at other times of the day reaps valuable rewards as well. Stopping activities and pausing to meditate mid-day or staying awake for before bed meditation requires intentional prioritizing. But, meditating during non-morning hours may fit your schedule and circadian rhythms better.

You may prefer applying the cognitive refocus and memory improvements to lunchtime meditation. Getting through the rest of your day proves more enjoyable and productive with such a reboot. Or, night owls may concur with studies that more peaceful sleep comes with meditation – and why not at night?


The only prerequisites to choosing a place of meditation are the qualities of quiet and distraction free. Outside these parameters, the choice is purely personal. A meditation routine which fits your personality takes into account the places which quiet you and work easily into your schedule.

For example, the sound of a brook at the park may relax you and ease you into a mindful state on your way home from work. Your friend may prefer a quiet corner at home before the rest of the house wakes. Or, a colleague may be drawn to an isolated break room during lunch.

While the mantra “same time, same place” helps establish a pattern of meditation, your personality may prefer to switch it up. For instance, nature lovers may find the shoreline or woods a comforting spot to meditate. However, the change of seasons or inclement weather might require a change of locale.

Magic Meditation Formula

The only magic formula to meditation is finding the method that fits you. You are unique, therefore, your meditation routine proves unique. Custom tailoring a routine by considering your motivation, timing and location as well as being flexible gets you started on a path to successfully developing this practice.

Perhaps you have “been there, done that”. But today is a new opportunity to go beyond the static idea of meditation to develop a dynamic practice which fits you. Grab your phone or day planner and commit a time to begin.

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