Do 2018 Right: 10 Reasons to Start Meditation Practice

Resolutions for the New Year come and go. But, learning the art of slowing down through meditation promises to revolutionize more than just this year. Consider these 10 reasons to start meditation practice in 2018.

1. Distraction Abounds in This Culture

Full calendars. Ever-accessible mobile phones. Twenty-four hour internet. We live in a culture of distraction, leading to forgetfulness, unfinished projects and dropped balls. Mindfulness counteracts the fast-paced culture in which we live.

Defined by award-winning journalist, New York Times bestseller and mediation expert, Dan Harris, meditation is “the ability to see what’s going on in your head without getting carried around by it.” Mindfulness meditation, even a few minutes per day, over the course of a week or two results in greater focus and other benefits.

2. Rising Stress and Anxiety Levels Cause Harm

The fallout of stress and anxiety impairs the human body and our interpersonal relationships. With increased demands on your time and pressure to achieve and succeed, these harm-producing responses are likely to rise in 2018.

Research suggests meditation offers a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety. Meditating study participants exhibit lower scores on mood disturbance scales and experience less symptoms of stress. Certainly, you could benefit from similar changes this year.

3. Busyness Robs Your Creativity

Running from activity to activity depletes our physical and mental energy. Creative ideas required for problem-solving, innovative product development, writing content and more wane under the condition of overextension.

Creativity needs space to birth and develop. Focusing the mind and removing distractions in a quiet place provides such an atmosphere. Ideas come while meditating. Make 2018 your most creative year with meditation.

4. Polarized Thoughts Divide Minds and People

Conflict between and within political, racial, family and socioeconomic groups grows. The thoughts in our own heads threaten to leave us paralyzed from indecision. Our minds and our relationships fall victim to the division.

Meditation guru, Michael Joly, reminds us that “The solution to the problem of polarizing thoughts in conflict with other polarizing thoughts … is not “more thinking”. Inspired and effective solutions arise from .. the realm free of thought-based conflict.” Meditation answers this need.

5. World’s Turbulence Produces Grave Effects

Tribulation and trial are natural parts of life. However, natural disaster, global conflict and more weigh heavy on human lives. Death, illness and injury mar our experience leaving us to feel helpless and hopeless at times.

Joanna Yu, meditation expert, believes “meditation empowers you to be in the present moment, guiding you through challenging psychological states such as anxiety, grief, and exhaustion.” No matter what 2018 brings to bear, meditation prepares you to walk through it.

6. Disorganization Leads to Fruitlessness

Setting resolutions for the New Year leaves us with a laundry list of goals. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves spinning too many plates. Tasks and relationships drop as a result and productivity decreases.

Meditation practiced in the morning sets the tone and attitude for each day. It organizes your thoughts and prepares you to tackle your to-do list, as well as the unexpected. Beginning your day with meditation moves you toward a productive year.

7. Sleeplessness Brings a Host of Problems

Obesity, physical inactivity, smoking and excessive drinking increase in adults who get insufficient sleep. These health risks result in heart disease, stroke, asthma, COPD, depression and more. Lack of sleep also decreases daily functioning.

Evening meditations relax, prepare and transition the body to sleep. Research proves meditation positively impacts your sleep and improves daytime functioning. Plus, releasing problems by meditating allows you to approach them with a fresh perspective the next day.

8. Personal Confusion Benefits No One

Typically our minds flood with questions of balance, self improvement, health and fitness, life purpose, direction, career and more. The answers from experts, colleagues, friends and family differ and add to the personal confusion.

Wellness writer and meditation expert, Laura Irwin suggests that through meditation you “…begin developing an intuitive ability about what’s best for you. In return, you will feel empowered. You will feel connected. You will overcome what I call ‘bad-brain days’ when the fog never clears.”

9. Meditation is Accessible

All you need to meditate in 2018 is you! The ease of beginning the practice offers no excuse for not starting. Plus, help makes its way into apps, downloads, online guided meditations and more. Everyone, including you, has access to realizing the benefits of meditation.

10. Meditation is Universal

The practice of meditation ranges from mindfulness to transcendental, kundalini to guided visualization. Every practitioner finds the method which best suits him or her. Yes, even if you have trouble sitting still, there is a form of meditation for you.

Shifting your perspective to understand that slowing down is a necessity, not a luxury, makes time for meditation in 2018. And, developing this discipline offers you a path to your best year yet.

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