Mindfulness and Meditation – Differences and Coming Together

Often the two words mindfulness and meditation are used together. And despite that fact, there are differences between mindfulness and meditation. However, when you bring them together, they complement each other perfectly. Mindfulness meditation is known to improve overall health and reduce stress. Learn more about mindfulness and meditation, both singularly and together.

Meditation Is the Umbrella

While many people are reaping the benefits of mindfulness meditation, this is a specific type of meditation. And meditation is the umbrella term. People have engaged in meditation for thousands of years. The practice helps a person reach a higher state of concentration and consciousness. The mind is acknowledged as the person regulates his or her thoughts. Many techniques are used to reach the ultimate consciousness, such as mindfulness and love. And mindfulness is a type of meditating, much like breathing, yoga, and tantra.

The Technique of Mindfulness

Each meditative practice requires certain behaviors and thought patterns to reach a higher level of consciousness. For example, people learn poses and asanas in yoga to help them achieve balance. With mindfulness, people focus on being in the present moment. For example, the mind can be completely focused on an object, such as the scent and taste of a cup of tea. And often people focus on breathing for mindfulness.  People pay attention to the act of breathing in and out slowly. And doing this brings them into the present moment, without other distracting thoughts. Meditation existed prior to the concept of mindfulness.

The Breath of Buddha

The concept of coupling mindfulness and meditation dates back to the days of Buddha. He discovered focusing on his breathing helped him to reach a meditative state more easily. And with this realization, others began to use breathing as a way to be in the present moment and meditate more effectively. Today mindfulness means more than focusing on breathing. A person can focus on food or a certain act to get into the current moment. And the concept of mindfulness is being embraced in people’s professional and personal lives. Many people find it eliminates distractions and helps them gain clarity to make the most of their time right now.

The Beautiful Marriage of Mindfulness and Meditation

In the modern world, mindfulness and meditation go hand-in-hand. The marriage of these two terms is commonly referred to as mindfulness meditation. And in a fast-paced world, the practice helps people to slow down and regain their composure. As a result, they can make better choices and step away from a stressful situation – even if it is just for a few minutes.  People are learning how to take a few minutes for mindfulness meditation at home and at work. And there are even apps for mobile devices so people can meditation on-the-go.

Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Besides improving overall focus, mindfulness meditation offers a myriad of health benefits. People with anxiety have found this type of meditation helps them achieve a state of calmness. Plus, research has linked meditation with lowered blood pressure and blood glucose levels to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Some studies have shown cancer patients improved when they engaged in regular mindfulness meditation. And it definitely helps alleviate stress, something a growing number of people experience each day.

There are countless resources to teach people about mindfulness meditation and how to do it. Even just ten minutes of mindfulness meditation each can help you achieve better health, reduced stress, and a greater appreciation of life in the present moment.

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