Science Says You Can Physically Change Your Brain Through Meditation

Meditation is a powerful form of exercise that uses focusing and breathing techniques. It’s been known to cure diseases, addictions, stress, and health issues. Scientific studies show that meditation can actually change your brain.

Scientific Studies

There are several studies that show meditation altering brain functions for the good. In 2011, a team at Harvard did an eight-week study to find out how this practice would affect the brain. They found the areas that control fear and stress were much smaller after eight weeks.

Stanford University, Yale, Massachusetts General Hospital, and others, found improved brain function. This practice only helps strengthen the brain over time. Those who keep practicing it throughout their life gain extra benefits.

Reduced Anxiety

Many people find that meditation practice greatly reduces their stress levels. One form that especially does this is breathing meditation. Even after an eight-week study, focused and breathing meditation reduced anxiety and stress.

There are people who also struggle with social anxiety. A Stanford University study showed this area of the brain changed after eight weeks with this technique.

Other Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation involves a great deal of calmness and quietness of mind and body. It also requires self-discipline and time. The benefits of this lifestyle include:

  • Improves concentration – it increases your focus and strengthens memory skills
  • Slows aging – studies show that brain cells grow with continued practice
  • Cardiovascular and immune health – encourages relaxation and the blood pressure levels out
  • Improves health and wellness – when you take time to focus on your inner-self, your focus improves. Studies show that those spending time in meditation, want to make better life choices.
  • Better moods – The left side of your brain controls your emotions. After this practice, this side of the brain increased. This showed positive responses to the techniques.

There are so many benefits to the practice of meditation. It takes time and energy to form the habits you need to change your how your brain responds.

Basic Meditation Habits

Trying something new takes time and work. If you want your brain to change, here are some habits you can start with.

Take It Slow

It’s important to start slow if this is new for you. You have to train your body in this new practice. Start with just a few minutes each day.

Commit To A Set Time

Your brain and body will form a habit over time. Pick a set time each day to focus on the quiet. Whether it’s morning or night, make it part of your daily routine.

Be Quiet

You can’t focus in an area that’s loud and distracting. Pick a place away from people to help you concentrate on your practice. Find a spot in your house or outside that you will enjoy spending time each day.

Get Comfortable

Don’t spend too much time on this. Choose clothing that’s comfortable and a spot you can enjoy. Some people like to use a cushion or pillow to sit on.

Breathing Is Important

The best breathing happens in through your nose and out from your mouth. Close your eyes and concentrate on the act of breathing. This is a slow and focused technique.

It’s Worth Trying

You will train your body over time to expect this practice at the same time each day. Over time, your brain will reap the benefits of the practice as you continue this new lifestyle. Everyone experiences different benefits at different times.

Spending time in quiet thought and concentration will improve your brain’s function over time. Meditation is a practice that gives you many benefits. It can only improve your health.