Is Meditation For Everyone?

What have you heard about meditation before? Do you feel it is difficult to grasp the concepts, involves laser-like focus, or is reserved for a select group of people? Popular culture has made many believe that meditation is unreachable and not for them. We are here to blow the dust off those outdated and ridiculous views and show everyone that meditation can suit them. Simply put, meditation can be for everyone.

The Mind’s Urge for Stillness

While your body is always ready to go, go and go, your mind, on the other hand, if you give it a chance, will naturally be drawn to settling down. The simple act of just sitting comfortably with your eyes closed can activate your rest and digest nervous system and the mind. When you limit your input from all your other senses, your mind can take a break, so to speak. Unplugging your senses allows your mind to be calm and simultaneously expands you into a higher state of awareness.

Universal in Value

Meditation can work for anyone, anywhere. This is because we all share common traits that are part of our human experience; the practice of meditation affects everyone similarly. The universal effectiveness is a byproduct of the laws of nature that apply equally to us all. The practice of meditation is valuable to everyone on earth, no matter where they are.

No One is Bad at Meditating

Meditation is a natural process, and no one is bad. It can be done by anyone regardless of their background or experience, and you can not fail at meditation. Take comfort in knowing this and recognize that, yes, you can do it. Since meditation is a unique skill, it is important to learn both theory and experience. Make sure you take the time to learn from a high-quality source such as a book, online program, or even a meditation app. This can help you reap the benefits and feel successful. Also, remember if the instructions you are using are not working for you, it is okay to try another practice. Do not give up on meditation, and do not give up on yourself; keep exploring techniques until you find what is best for you.

Expectation Leads to Failure

If you are expecting to fail at meditation, then almost always, this will be your outcome. Meditation is healing your mind and body and taking away from it precisely what you need. The easiest way to frustrate yourself when meditating is to have expectations. Instead, you have to embrace the uncertainty, unpredictability, and the unknown.

As long as you do not know what is supposed to happen during meditation, you will succeed. If you constantly think of yourself as failing whenever you do not meet your expectations, you are setting yourself up for failure and self-judgment. Recognize that every meditation is unique, and that is how it is meant to be.

Meditation Adapts

Meditation can adapt to you, to your lifestyle, needs, and karma. Your meditation practice will be as unique as you. Yes, there are guidelines you can follow for when, where, and how long you meditate. Even how you sit, how to breathe, and supplementary practices, but in the end, one knows your routine and your life better than you do. 

Do not force yourself into a meditation process that does not fit you. Doing this will frustrate you and cause you to give up. Modify your meditation practice to fit your body, which will help support your health and well-being for years to come.

Next Steps

If you would like to explore more options on meditation, take a look at our site, Meditationly. We offer a meditation directory, blog, and other resources that can help you on your journey. We hope you can find a practice that works for you and fall in love with meditation.