Tips For Starting An Online Meditation Business

Has it been in your heart to start your own online mediation business? Our society has endured such a rough season that an always accessible tool to help them balance their stresses, both big and small, could certainly improve the wellbeing of many.  As the world continues to evolve and becomes more digitally centered each day, how do you promote stillness, rest, and self-reflection? With all the distractions and constant need to be entertained it’s hard to capture your audience especially if your online presence is minimal.

At Meditationly we are here to help you grow a successful online meditation practice. Our services include ways to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. The majority of people use Google Maps to locate businesses near them so your SEO matters. Consider the following tips before starting your online meditation business. 

Start With Quality Content

Creating a user-friendly sleek website is not enough. Many business owners have found that updating their website often, adding articles, and blogs help increase their online presence and maximize the traffic to their website. More traffic usually equates to more business. 

Managing your own website, business social media, and updating your own blog content can quickly become very overwhelming. By hiring another company to digitally manage your content you can focus on the things that matter most which are the meditation services you offer. At Meditationly we can do all that for you. Our optimizing SEO strategy publishes articles on your websites, promotes your blog on Google Maps listings, and regularly uploads geotagged photos. 

Encourage Customers to Provide Reviews 

Customer reviews can either make or break your business. In addition to providing your customers with quality services, you can encourage them to write reviews which will help you rank better on Google Maps, Yelp, and other business pages. Most customers before they seek services from a company will review the customer reviews beforehand. People want to understand other people’s experiences with your company before they spend their time and money on their own.

Getting your existing customer to leave reviews will also initiate Google keyword searches which will promote your business. Google highlights keywords for potential customers when they are writing in their search bar. It’s important to ask your customer or clients to please share detailed and descriptive experiences they have with your business. The more words the more keywords can be highlighted. 

Consider your Google My Business (GMB) Ranking

GMB is a free directory created by Google that features local business listings. A Google My Business listing differs from other directories in that it’s located solely on Google and Google Maps.  As mentioned previously, creating a website with consistently fresh content including keywords and phrases will help promote the visibility of your GMB listing. Because Google My Business ranks for keywords it’s important that you include all the services you provide on your website. Include all classes, subject matters, workshops, etc. 

Your business will pop up on people’s searches when you include all your services. Google’s own listings tend to come up faster than business websites because the Google business directory is much smaller than all the business websites on the world wide web. By focusing on building your GMB you can enable people to find you faster than ever. 

Start Your Online Meditation Off Right

It is our hope that everyone will discover the benefits of meditation and we want to help businesses reach as many people as possible. With our shared efforts you can increase your organic traffic and Google Maps ranking. Our subscription service takes out so much of the time-consuming leg work that will take your business to new heights. Contact us today to get started!