Meditation Tips For Beginners

There is so much going on in the world today! People are stressed, depressed, anxious, and hopeless more than ever. Meditation has become more popular than ever to help people of all ages, all over the world. It is a practice that helps promote happiness, decrease stress, improve your mood, create calmness, alleviate anxiety, improve your sleep patterns and improve your overall emotional/mental health.

Your mind is like a muscle that you need to work out… the same way you do for your body at the gym. You need to be disciplined and train your mind also! To start, you need to first do a little research and understand what it is! There are informative, helpful blogs about meditation  that tell you all you need to know. The information is out here for you to succeed!Start With Guided Meditation

The best way to start learning is through guided meditation. You can try on your own right now! Just sit and breathe in and out! However, guided meditation helps so that you aren’t confused or frustrated on your first try and just give up.  

There are several ways to get involved with guided meditation:

  • Taking a yoga class is a great way to experience guided meditation. The instructor will quietly talk the class through a guided meditation session in the beginning of class and after. They will teach you the correct way to breathe while meditating. They even come around to each individual and correct the way you are sitting so that you are breathing correctly, so that you can meditate correctly. 
  • Meditation happens in all types of martial arts classes (Tai-Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, etc).
  • Several apps you can download on your phone (calm app, noom, etc) will have several guided meditation options. Some of the apps have in-purchase options, but most are affordable. 
  • Online classes and youtube meditation videos have thousands of guided meditation all from professional instructors all over the world that you can follow.
  • Buddhism classes, books, temples are all excellent teachers of meditation. 
  • Take a trip to India, China, or Asia and learn from the wisest teachers. Take a group trip or go by yourself.

The Secret Is In Breathing

They say the secret to a calm, clear mind during meditation is in the breath. Just before you meditate it is imperative that your mind and body are completely relaxed. This way you can experience a deeper level of meditative states. You achieve this through breathing exercises before you meditate.

There are four breathing exercises that you should do (at least one of) before you meditate:

1. bellows breath: quick and heavy inhalations and exhalations

2. diaphragmatic breathing: deep and slow, belly breathing 

3. 4-7-8 breathing: a 4 second inhale, 7 second breath retention, an 8 second exhale, then repeating for 4 rounds

4. alternate nose breathing: alternating deep slow breaths back and forth between the right and left nostrils 

When The Mind Wanders

On a daily basis have you found that your mind wanders and you can’t seem to control your thoughts. When you’re first learning how to meditate, you might be constantly distracted and not present. Eventually you learn how to train your thoughts in a more constructive pattern. 

What is important is simply realizing when your mind drifts, allow your mind to drift… allow it to be distracted. Then you let that thought simply pass by, as though it’s a cloud just floating by. You bring your attention back to you… then back to your breath … focusing once again on inhaling and exhaling. You zone in on each breath until again a random thought or distraction happens again. This is natural and should not be taken negatively. With practice comes mastery.  

Learn About The History Of Meditation

It is important to research the history of meditation for you to fully understand it. Meditation dates back thousands of years ago, with individuals in meditative postures in carvings. It was most popular in China, India, and throughout Asia. It only has recently begun to become popular in western culture.

There are plenty of books, online classes, and yogi groups that discuss the origins of meditation. To see how humans throughout history have benefited so much from meditation will encourage and motivate you to make it a part of your everyday routine. You will want those you love to benefit also and spread your knowledge and historical evidence to prove it works.

Realize It’s A Life Journey 

Meditation is a lifelong journey, not a race or competition. There is no pressure to do it any certain way. Find out what works for you through practice. What is important is that you start now!

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